What Should be the Care for Baby Teeth

02111618Human health depends on various factors, one of which is the condition of the teeth, because, if not treated them in time, can be lost, which means that the food will not be thoroughly chewed and stomach have much harder it is to process that subsequently leads his disease.

In children, the first milk teeth, which parents usually do not pay much attention, because they believe that they still fall out. But this is false, because these patients teeth necessarily affect the state of the permanent tooth.

Many people think that baby teeth do not hurt, but it’s not right, because they have a similar structure as that of the core, so it can occur decay, gum disease, and the need to be treated, otherwise you can lose a tooth. But, as it turned out, early removal of deciduous teeth adversely affects the development of the jaw, because in the future this place, which is intended for permanent tooth lost.

Therefore it is necessary to constantly monitor the teeth, brush them at least 2 times a day and after each meal, to rinse with clean warm water.

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