What Should I Do in the Morning?

Morning is the most beautiful time that can be. You can start the day with a clean slate. It is important to realize that as you start the day, it will pass. It is best to be positive. Only this way you can give a positive charge for the whole day to your body.

So, what is the best thing to do in the morning?

1. Warm up. After you wake up you need to warm up a little. After sleep, you need to adjust the blood flow. You can go for a run. If it’s hard for you to get up, get a dog. Under such circumstances, one has to get out of bed.
2. Shower. Now it’s time to finally wake up. You can do this with a contrast shower.
3. Breakfast. Do not forget about breakfast. The first meal is enormously important for the whole organism. Give preference to cereal.
4. Smile. In the morning try to smile more often. A smile works real miracles.
5. Gentle words. Say the words of tenderness to your close people, kiss them more often. Be kinder and tolerant to each other.

Dear readers, in the morning you can start life from scratch!

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