What Threatens Common Barley

21101611What is the barley probably not necessary to explain, as many, at least once in their lives, faced with this disease.

Many people believe that it is a result of a cold or severe hypothermia, however, it is a misconception, because barley is an infectious disease.

According to statistics, it affects more women than men. The reason is because of the fair sex, while applying make-up, which takes place every day, can bring an infection with their own hands.

In the case of barley is necessary to consult a doctor, because the consequences of this disease, which at first glance does not seem significant, can be much more serious, down to oncology.

The most important rule that you have to learn it in no case do not try to squeeze the barley, because it may be sepsis, threatening vital functions of the whole organism.

Most are infected this infection people with lowered immunity, or those who have chronic diseases.

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