What to do During the Disease?

300820164Everyone at least once in life was ill. This is a very bad period in the life of every person, but it needs to survive. Very soon there will come the recovery, and can be further enjoy the little things of life.

So, how to behave during an illness?

1. Self. It is important never to self-medicate. Moreover, it is impossible to believe “wise” advice, which are written on the Internet. Always at the first sign of disease or infirmity, it is necessary to visit a doctor.
2. Treatment. If you visit a doctor, you have written treatment, it is necessary to begin immediately. In no event it is impossible to delay treatment until tomorrow. The earlier a person starts to drink medicines, the better.
3. The disease is on his feet. If you are sick, you should not go to work. Take the sick. Remember, the disease transferred on his feet, is fraught with complications.
4. Traditional medicine. Traditional medicine – it’s good, but do not get too carried away. There are some diseases that can not be cured without the traditional medicine (angina).
5. Prevention. Remember, prevention is always better than cure. During epidemics – eat more vitamins and not get sick!

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