What to Do if a Sleepless Night Threatened?

A person must sleep at night. The night was created just for this. But, what to do if the circumstances develop, so that the night will be without sleep ?!

Immediately I want to say that this “event” needs to be properly prepared. Only in this case all will pass without loading for an organism.

What are the conditions to be fulfilled before a sleepless night?

1. Chewing gum. Chew the gum. It will help to feel vivacity, because you will deceive your body. During the chewing movements, gastric sleep will be allocated, and this is the signal to the body – not to sleep.
2. Cool air. The room should have fresh air. The temperature should not rise above 20 degrees Celsius. If it’s hot outside, turn on the air conditioner.
3. Sports. Go in for sports in the evening. After training, you do not want to sleep, because you will charge the body with energy. Training should be active and continuous.

Try not to allow frequent sleepless nights. Do not take this as a rule. Sleep on health. Sleep should last from 6 to 8 hours a day.

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