What to Take with You on the Go?

280920165Every woman during a trip fees asks himself the question: “What to bring?”. I do not want to take a lot of nonsense, but without crawled things also do not want to go on a trip. So, give the list of necessary items, without which no woman just can not do.

1. Wet and paper napkins. Without these hygiene do not even need to leave the house. They should always be at hand. Their use is very convenient.
2. Sunscreen. At sea, you should always have with you sunscreen. It can help you protect your skin from harmful sun rays.
3. Gaskets. Hygiene items should always be in your purse.
4. The agent for hair. Hair should always be clean and stacked. To do this, on the road you need to take shampoo, conditioner and mousse.
5. Insect bites. Mosquitoes live everywhere. That they do not interfere with sleep, bring a mosquito repellent. If you go into the woods, it will very helpful tool – from ticks.
6. Manicure set. Every woman on vacation should look beautiful. No one is immune from a broken nail. At hand should always be tools that will help lead the nails in order.

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