What Useful Banana: Yellow or Green?

20101613One of the most useful of exotic fruits, which can be seen on our shelves is a banana.

Scientists have already proven that they are very positive effect on the work of the entire human body, especially the bananas are useful to those people who suffer from heart disease, as they prevent the occurrence of heart attack.

Also, bananas are beneficial effect on the work of the stomach and enrich our body with calcium.

We offer for sale several kinds of fruit, which are distinguished by their color. What are the most useful?

Most often, we see yellow bananas which are revealed belong to forage varieties. Despite the fact that nutrients are less than in the small green fruit, however, a sufficient amount of vitamins and amino acids therein. But it is worth to take into account that they contain a lot of sugar, so they are high calorie.

As for green bananas, they are ideal for all people, without limitations, so to prefer it this fruit.

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