What Useful Properties Has Buckthorn

12101613One of the useful fruits that nature gives us, is the sea buckthorn, and, for therapeutic purposes is not used, only the very berry, but its bones, as well as the bark of sea buckthorn tree.

In this berry, which is a kind of sour taste, it contains large amounts of vitamins and acids that are so essential to our body.

Due to the beneficial properties of which are contained in sea buckthorn berries, they can be used to treat heart, nervous system, as well as to improve vision. Oil made from sea buckthorn, used as a healing agent, such as cuts, burns and other injuries. Still it is used for the treatment of gastritis and gastric ulcer, after consultation with the attending physician. Respiratory diseases, very well help with the addition of inhalation of sea buckthorn oil.

To cure a cough, it is sufficient to mix the juice of sea buckthorn and honey, and drink a glass of this drink during the day. Besides the fact that you get rid of cough, you will be able to improve their health.

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