What Will Help Preserve the Health of the Woman?

Every woman should take care of their health. This will be the guarantee of a long life.

So what should women do to maintain your health?

1. Clean. Cleanliness is important for health. Just do not overdo it. Total should be in moderation. If you always wash and clean the apartment, it will negatively affect the state of immunity.
2. Contraception. You should always be protected. When it comes to an unfamiliar person, it must be a condom. No other method of contraception does not protect against infections that are sexually transmitted.
3. Tea. Drink more green tea. It contains a lot of antioxidants, which have a positive effect on the skin. But from carbonated drinks should be abandoned. They contain a lot of sugar. As is well known, sugar – is the enemy of female figures.
4. Bad habits. If women always want to look young, something about smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages should be forgotten forever.
5. Folic acid. Scientists came to the conclusion that folic acid – a vitamin for women. It should be taken regularly.

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