What Will Tell Fingers

26101620Fingers reveal the secrets of man. This is not just a mythical speculation and science.

Scientists have proved that the length of the fingers of the person affects the male sex hormone – androgen, it happens during fetal life.

Research of the Norwegian University scientists say that the length of the ring and index finger can be determined how talented people.

As explained Karl Pintska, high androgen coupled with strong physical resources of the embryo. Thus, the presence in humans of the ring finger longer than index indicates the strength of the male hormone, these people have a lot of opportunities to achieve success in the sport as the ability to know how to focus on the goal.

“The high level of androgen in harmony with the makings in solving the problems with which the male half of the population to cope better: multiple tasks with a certain sense,” – says Karl Pintska.

But there are a number of negative factors, which results in high levels of the male hormone: a lack of attention syndrome, hyperactivity, autism, Tourette’s syndrome.

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