What Worsens the Health?

270820168Everyone wants to be healthy and strong. For this, he goes in for sports, to eat right, it does not have bad habits. However, there are habits which, at first glance, have a good, but in reality bring nothing but harm.

1. Frequent washing. Taking a shower should be. But in any case, you can not abuse it, because the shower gel is able to wash off the skin in the desired fat. All this can cause irritation and cracking of the skin.
2. Skipping a day of rest. Daytime sleep is extremely important for the body. Nobody talks to sleep a few hours in the afternoon. Suffice it to 15 minutes, so that the organism was able to gain strength.
3. Rinse the mouth. Dentists do not recommend use of conditioners, because they are composed of alcohol, which kills not only bacteria, but also useful.
4. Toilet. Right to sit on the toilet squatting, as in this situation easier to relax. In addition, it is an excellent prevention of hemorrhoids.

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