What You Need to Know About the Pool?

180820162If you are tired of attending a gym, play sports but still want to. Then do not even think – hurry to join the pool. This is an excellent alternative not just strength training, but also fitness. However, before visiting the pool, you need to know a few rules.

1. Safety. You should never choose the cheapest pool. Most likely, the sanitizing in this place leaves much to be desired. Sometimes it is better to pay a little more, but do not risk your health. Everyone knows that the swimming pool – the ideal place for the development of various microorganisms.
2 Things. It is always important to have the pool to yourself: removable shoes, rubber cap, swimsuit (preferably solid), towel, washcloth, goggles for swimming. Never use someone else’s towels or slippers.
3. Shower. After swimming in the pool is important to take a shower. Everyone knows that water is chlorinated pool. To wash it is necessary to take a shower. However, if you come in winter, swimming pool, do not rush immediately to go out. Give your body some time to dry.

If you follow all the rules of personal hygiene, then from swimming in the pool you get a lot of pleasure.

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