What You Should Know About the Cottage Cheese

19101611Everyone has long known about the benefits of sour milk products.

According to many physicians, adult such products are more suitable than whole milk. One is the curd which comprises incorporating a large amount of amino acids and vitamins necessary for the organism.

Not fat varieties of cheese are dietary products. Due to easy digestibility eat cottage cheese is recommended for those people who are watching their weight, however, should make it into your daily menu.

In this form of dairy products contain calcium, but as we know, it is he has a positive action to strengthen bones and joints also, cottage cheese rich in protein. Cottage cheese promotes the exchange of fat, in addition, increases the hemoglobin.

This product can be used as raw and cook some dishes, especially since there are a lot of recipes. For example, many people, especially children, like a casserole, which can be added as fresh fruit and dried apricots, raisins or prunes.

During the purchase of cheese, pay attention to its shelf life and do not buy on natural markets, because, it may contain a variety of bacteria.

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