When Debridement Use Alcohol Tinctures

2910167None of us is immune from getting any injuries.

Typically, in such cases, most people processes them peroxide or a liquid containing alcohol in its structure. However, doctors do not recommend this, due to the fact that alcohol is not only kills harmful microbes, but also causes burns to skin tissue in the area of the wound.

Medical workers before a shot, of course, this area of the body treated with alcohol to kill germs and rightly so, but this applies only to undamaged skin.

As for injuries, there occurs an inflammatory process, so it is best to place a clean wash with soap and water, after which the wound bandage, it is desirable to clean and dry material.

In the case of deep wounds, when there is no way to stop the bleeding, the site should be tight bandage and seek medical help from professionals.

Also, never use for the treatment of wounds various home remedies, because it can bring an infection. So, be careful and follow safety rules for any work.

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