When the first symptoms of gastritis seek medical advice

10101617In our time, one of the major diseases, which affects so many people, is gastritis.

The causes of this disease may be different factors, one of which is the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. Fatty, fried and spicy foods, may also adversely affect the performance of your stomach.

But, not only from poor nutrition or lifestyle gastritis may occur, this also contributes to the mental state of a person, especially if it is for a long period is under stress.

The first signs of this disease is a pain in the stomach area that occur both before meal and after. Frequent heartburn, belching with an unpleasant smell may also indicate that you have gastritis.

If you have such symptoms should always consult a doctor and not self-medicate, because in the future could be complications, as chronic diseases such as gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer.

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