When There Is not Enough Iron?

Everyone knows about such important indicators as blood hemoglobin. Its always check when taking a complete blood count. If the hemoglobin is lowered, it indicates a lack of iron in the body.

So what are the symptoms of iron deficiency in the body?

1. Drowsiness. If a normal amount of sleep time, but you still observed drowsiness, it can be a symptom of the problem in question.
2. Concentration. If it is difficult to focus than ever. It is difficult to tell information that was accomplished recently.
3. Shortness of breath. After jogging worried about shortness of breath.
4. Pale skin. Pale code can also talk about this issue.
5. Brittle nails. If the nails are constantly break down and exfoliate, this may indicate a lack of iron in the body.
6. Cold. If you have frequent colds, it can speak about decrease in hemoglobin in the body.

Be vigilant during check blood counts! It is always easier to treat the disease at the beginning of the week a state of neglect.

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