Which side is better to choose to sleep

06101611From that, what was the night’s sleep depends on the capacity of man, as well as the general condition throughout the day.

We all know that healthy sleep should last at least 7 hours, taking into account the fact that the night did not have to wake up for any reason. The room was designed to sleep, you must ventilate the air to be fresh in it, and the air temperature should be such that you do not feel cold.

In order not to harm their health is necessary before going to sleep unplugged devices that emit magnetic waves, such as mobile phone, PC and even TV.

Do not unimportant role in what will be a dream, dependent position in which you sleep. Everyone chooses his own comfortable position, but if there is a question, which side to choose, in the absence of chronic diseases is best to sleep on your left side.

To those people who have problems with bowel function, as well as suffering from diabetes are also advised to lie on his left side, so that during sleep does not feel discomfort.

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