Who Is not Necessary to Communicate?

060920161A person should always be communication. None of us can live in complete limbo. However, there are people with whom it is not necessary to communicate. Come on, we shall understand who should be excluded from the circle of friends.

1. Thoughts and talk only about themselves. If a man speaks only of himself, it is not necessary to communicate with him.
2. Man. If a friend meets a man who is nice to you, you should not be friends with a friend.
3. Progress. If there is something you have (career, family), and the friend is not pleased, then it should stop all possible communication.
4. Envy. If a person is jealous, then it should be deleted from the list of your friends.
5. Dissatisfaction. If your friend does not like everything, then such a person is not necessary to communicate or minimized.
6. New attitudes. If there is a new relationship, and she stopped to talk to you, cross it from your list of contacts in the girlfriend.
7. Delay. If the girlfriend always late for meetings, think about it it is.
8. Experiments. If a friend wants to pull you into something strange or dangerous, stay away from her.

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