Why do ears stuffy?

03101618Quite often we can encounter such a problem as a stuffy ears.

This condition occurs quite suddenly and always under different circumstances, so to trace the cause of it is very difficult. In fact, stuffy ears may indicate that some states of your body – from the usual sharp change in ambient pressure, until the symptoms of serious illness.

Naturally, one should not immediately panic. For example, if you take off in a plane, then this feeling is quite normal. In addition, very often this symptom is present during a cold or runny nose.

However, if in addition to that feeling you experience some pain, it may be a symptom of a particular disease, such as otitis media.

If you laid the ears and at the same time you feel discomfort in your neck, then you may have a cervical osteochondrosis or other health problems. In any case, if this condition persists for a few minutes and you are constantly worried about, it is necessary to ask for help.

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