Why do men begin to lie?

05101619Men’s lie – it’s quite an interesting factor that characterizes not only the psychological type of man, but also its relationship to the person against whom it is directed.

However, research scientists argue that in many cases the man start to lie to a woman just because she expects it lies. How to distinguish a harmless joke from a good fraud that can destroy a relationship?

In fact, there are several main reasons why men lie. According to the conducted sociological issues, more than 60% of men cheat on their women just because afraid to tell them the truth. This is due to the fact that the reaction of women to the truth is very often unpredictable and difficult defies logic.

In addition, sometimes the men cheat the women unknowingly. In the initial stages of a relationship of feeling overwhelmed, so in a fit of emotion, they can tell a lot of beautiful words, or give a large number of irreplaceable promises and do not implement.

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