Why do Men Cheat?

2708201610Every woman entering into marriage, hoping that everything will be perfect. Love, happiness and tenderness will always be present in the family. However, do not look at the world through rose-colored glasses. Life is a complicated thing. During the marriage it can happen a lot. The most common – a male infidelity. Let’s understand why men change their favorite wives ?!

1. Routine. Every man wants some diversity. This can include not only everyday life but also the bed. If the wife refuses to bed her husband in the experiment, it is likely that he can fulfill howl fantasy with another woman.
2. Status. Often lovers are rich men. In some circles it is considered prestigious and confirmation of their status in society.
3. Revenge. It is not necessary that the woman has changed her husband, and he told her revenge. Very often a man can change due to the fact that a woman spends a lot of time at work, or does not pay attention to him.
4. Nature. Everyone knows that men are polygamous by nature. It is the inherent nature. However, most of these men are called simple word – a womanizer.

Finally, I want to say that many men a casual relationship is not considered a betrayal at all. Here they are, our favorite men!

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