Why do People Get Fat?

090920167At the present time on the streets can be seen more fat people. Thin people almost gone. Being overweight is associated with bad habits malnutrition. So, why do people get fat? What causes this?

1. TV. It can now be up late at night to watch different films and programs. Although people need to sleep at night. Of course, if a person is awake at night, then he has a perfectly normal desire to eat.
2. Free appetizer. If a person knows that the food does not have to pay, it can eat twice as much.
3. Diets celebrities. If you stick to the diet that advises celebrity on the Internet – remove it all at once. You do not need to trust advertising. Consult a dietitian to correct diet was matched to suit your features.
4. Breakfast buffet. Researchers found that for the buffet people eat more food. Pass by the side of such places.
5. Quick meal. No need to ever rush while eating. Chew your food thoroughly. As you know, the feeling of fullness comes not immediately, but only after 20 minutes.

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