Why Does the Skin on the Hands Become Dry?

090820166The skin on the hands is very often increased dryness. This not only creates discomfort, but may also cause cracking. To avoid this, experts call a few key reasons that can lead to skin drying on the palms and hands. In particular, one of the main reasons is the sharp change in the ambient temperature. This is especially true in the case if you are flying in winter on some exotic resort and just a few hours the temperature changes by more than 20 degrees.

In addition, dry hands often causes exposure to direct sunlight or strong wind. In this case, the sweat glands in the skin does not have time to produce sufficient amounts of moisture, resulting in a problem arises.

But even being in the room, you may encounter this problem. For example, if the room is working heater, which dry out the air, the lack of moisture can cause dry hands. Note that the same problems occur when hands are often cold stored or exposed to various chemicals.

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