Why Nails Become Brittle?

090820164Any girl wants to walk around with an elegant and beautiful manicure. However, very often the realization of a dream prevents increased fragility of nails on the hands or feet. In addition to genetic predisposition, have this problem, there are other good reasons.

In particular, recent medical research results show that the nail becomes brittle due to the fact that the body does not dopoluchaet vitamin A, calcium, iron and vitamin C. In addition, the negative impact on the structure of the nail having various means for removing paint and surface cleaners, which are often used in nail salons.

Sometimes the increased fragility of the nail is the result of problems with the pancreas or the thyroid gland, so if you have such problems, it is necessary to undergo a full medical examination which will reveal the cause.

If you want to restore the structure of the nail in the home, it is recommended to regularly use a variety of regenerative cosmetics and creams.

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