Why should abandon vegetarianism

10101612Some people who try to be current, switching to a vegetarian diet, eliminating from your diet foods such as meat, eggs, milk.

Some people believe that eating only vegetables and fruits, you can get the necessary nutrients the body, but as it turned out , this is not true.

It is proved that for vitamin A in the required amount is not enough to only eat vegetables, because most of its content is in the yolks of eggs and animal liver. As for vitamin D, which is some feel can be obtained from fungi, it is erroneous because they contain vitamin D2, and D can be obtained only by eating animal products. These vitamins are essential to enhance human immunity.

Those who adhere to vegetarianism, as a rule, include your menu a large number of soybean, without even knowing what the consequences of this may occur in the future. Therefore, for the normal functioning of all organs, nutritionists recommend a balanced diet, excluding only from the diet, too much fatty food.

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