Why sleepy during rain

07101615When the weather is cloudy and rain, almost all people have the desire to sleep, resulting in decreased performance.

Of course, some people craving for sleep occurs to a greater extent, and the other less. The cause of the human condition is that at this time in the atmosphere gets less oxygen and your body, would wipe it loses activity.

Most are located in such a state people with impaired vegetative dystonia sosudstoy. To ensure that during the working day to get rid of sleepiness must adhere to certain rules, doing that you will feel more energetic.

Usually in such situations, many people are trying to eat more coffee, but, as we all know, this drink in large quantities can adversely affect the operation of the heart, so it can be replaced with green tea with a slice of lemon. Although this drink and did not immediately give the effect of vivacity, its duration is longer than after drinking a cup of coffee. It is necessary to carry out short-lived exercise, and do not forget to ventilate the room.

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