Why we Love Pastries?

29101619How often do we promise ourselves to the principles of proper nutrition and forget about this word himself a few hours later?

Quite often people do not even notice how it becomes a slave to his bad eating habits: a hundred delicacies of the world forever prevents diet, we are now taking on a daily basis, “tomorrow.”

Real-life examples abound: Irina confidently start their day with water with lemon and the first meal of fruit, but already feels an irresistible urge to eat sweet three hours later. She does all this, and tomorrow again.

Michelle first hand is familiar with what kind of damage the body shall increase the level of “harmful” cholesterol in the blood, but can not resist the pizza with bacon and cheese on a night – or he just does not sleep.

Elena suffers from diabetes, in which contraindicated the use of large amounts of sweet food, but again she eats white bread and jams meal ice cream, knowing full well what the consequences.

Do you want to stop being a slave to your habits?

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