Winter Running

180820167If you can not imagine my life without jogging is commendable. Running – very useful for the organism. It can be used to strengthen the heart and respiratory system, as well as to gain good physical shape.

However, if the window the summer, do not worry. And what about winter? Perhaps there are some rules that must be followed during the winter running. Do not be afraid of the winter cold. During this period, you can harden the body perfectly.

1. Clothing. This issue can be easily resolved. To do this, go to a sports shop to buy all the necessary things. Do not forget to buy gloves and hat (even if you do not wear them in everyday life)
2. What to bring? In winter, you need to carefully take care of the skin of the lips. To do this, please bring hygienic lipstick to the lips are not weather-beaten. player can take, if necessary.
3. Breathing. At any time, during the run need to breathe through the nose. This will protect you from colds.
4. Temp. If you start to run, do not stop. Otherwise, it can lead to hypothermia.

Be healthy!

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