With a Cold You Need to Comply With Bed Rest

13101615With the onset of autumn frosts, people are more prone to colds, and this is not surprising, because, after the hot summer days, the body does not have time to adapt quickly.

Moreover, in addition to the cold weather outside, the premises also pretty cool, so many feel a sense of constant cold, causing a cough, runny nose, and sometimes fever.

Usually in such cases, even at low temperatures, you are, as before, go to work, doing household chores, in other words, carry the cold “on their feet”, not counting a serious disease. But this is false, because the cold, much more serious than you think.

Agree, it is unlikely someone will be nice, if it turns out the person next to him, whose hysterical cough, runny nose, because, in contact with them, you can easily catch an infection. But the main thing is that if you do not heed the advice of doctors, who, in such cases recommend bed rest for at least 5 days, then the recovery will not come soon. Also, any time the disease may recur, but in a more severe form, the treatment of which requires more costs.

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