Women are Harder to Lose Weight than Men

1209201619Female body weight loss is much more difficult to process than men. These results were recently voiced by specialists from the American University, conducted a series of scientific studies on weight loss specifics. It turns out because of the physiological characteristics of the body, women have to work much harder in training to achieve the same result in weight loss, as well as men.

It’s all about testosterone. This hormone in a woman’s body is found in very small doses, so the muscle mass in women is much lower than that of men. It is a great testosterone helps the body to work more effectively in training, active sweat and burn calories obtained. In addition, women have a very low sensitivity to insulin. For this reason, any sweets that are eaten by women, is automatically converted into body fat if not burn those calories in training.

Also, experts say that because of the physiological characteristics of the period before menstruation, women often experience increased irritability, and even nervous breakdowns. All this is a state of shock to the body, wherein it comprises a process of accumulation of fats.

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