Women should be careful to use the hygiene

05111610In order not to bring any infection, it is recommended to comply with the rules of hygiene, has to wash hands frequently with soap and water, especially after you have been on the street and touched the different subjects.

Especially such a procedure should always be done before eating food.

However, often there are situations when you can not wash your hands, so many people use wet wipes, which have become very popular.

Of course, it is very convenient, especially for parents who are walking their children, often rubbed them not only arms, but also the person, considering that, in such a way because of their content of alcohol, they disinfect.

As it turned out as a result of research into the solution, which are impregnated wipes, include harmful substance methylisothiazolin causing allergies in children.

Therefore, their use is strictly prohibited for children. Going on a picnic, better bring a bottle of water, baby soap and towel, thus you will save your baby, both from infection and irritation of the skin.

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