Wrong make-up may increase the age

2908165The initial task is to make that give the face a more youthful and natural appearance, emphasize the dignity and hide visual deficiencies.

However, as practice shows, if the wrong choice of make-up can be vice versa to get the opposite effect.

Many experts in the field of make-up suggests that the creation of an image is very important not to cross the line between beauty and vulgarity. Moreover, at the wrong positioning is possible even from 18-year-old beauty to make the image of 35 year old woman, so apply the shadow to the eyes very carefully and correctly.

In addition, many women neglect during makeup moisture. Meanwhile, if the facial skin is very dry, it will increase its age visually and artificially make you old.

Tone Cream – this is another reason for discussion. If you put it too much, it will create unnatural texture or color that will increase the real age.

That is why using makeup makeup, always remember that you need to do it wisely and properly.

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