Wrong Methods of Contraception

080920169Currently, there are many methods of contraception that protect against unwanted pregnancy. However, there are methods that do not work, but the women are hoping their 100% guarantee. So, what are the most common mistakes of contraception.

1. Menstruation. There is a belief that during menstruation can not get pregnant. This is a false claim. Yes, the probability is less, but it is. You can not forget about the susceptibility to infections. During this period it is higher.
2. Breastfeeding. Many women believe that while breastfeeding is not possible to get pregnant. But you should know that each woman’s reproductive system differently recovering from childbirth. But the first egg can mature after only a month after giving birth. So that there are no guarantees.
3. Douching. Douching is not able to protect against pregnancy because sperm instantly enters the uterus. Wash them is not possible. Furthermore, douching will not protect against infections.
4. Condoms. No method of contraception is not 100% guarantee. But a condom can not only protect against pregnancy and infections. The main thing is to choose quality products.
5. The morning after pill. The tablets should not drink after each sexual intercourse. Postcoital pill is used as an emergency contraceptive. They can drink once every six months.

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