Wrong Running can Cause Serious Injury

04111624Everywhere they say that jogging is good for our health and it is really true, because jogging helps to intensify the work of our entire body, normalize the pressure, as well as the best solution for burning excess fat in the body.

However, the coaches talk about the fact that many amateurs who start to run, often subjected his body at risk.

The fact that running is highly useful only when you move correctly. Wrong running provides increased load on the feet and joints, which can cause many different diseases in the future.

That’s why experts recommend beginners to start to run under the control of a special trainer who can give useful advice and point out the technical errors. This is not only running, but also cycling and other aerobic exercise.

Why is it so dangerous?

You should understand that there should only accept the correct form when running a human body. However, if you over-tilt the body forward or make an emphasis on the heel when running, this can significantly increase the load on joints and cause injury. Do not forget that during the run is very important and proper breathing technique. If you are breathing properly, your heart starts to work automatically with increased load, which leads to negative and harmful consequences. That is why, to start jogging, it is necessary to begin to consult with professionals.

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