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– Promotes Normal Lung Function
– Revitalize and Detox Lungs
– Helps Ease Irritation in the Lungs
– Support Respiratory Health


LungActive respiratory health support formula is a unique solution for you! The 100% natural ingredients of these capsules effectively deal with the problem of pollution and toxins in the lungs, restore the normal function of the alveoli and normalize the respiratory system. The product contains only high-quality and environmentally friendly components, which makes it incredibly useful in the prevention and treatment of many diseases. The complex beneficial effect is observed not only from the side of pulmonary function, but also with the restoration of the nervous system and the support of general health.

LungActive – Lung Cleanse & Detox Dietary Supplement

LungActive natural complex for lung health has been a powerful asset from the early days. Capsules carry out a complete cleaning of the pulmonary structure from toxins, and also helps to reduce nervous tension and nervousness. Unique vitamins and microelements help to increase the saturation of body cells with oxygen, support the work of other organs and processes. You get positive improvements with a cumulative beneficial effect, so you need to complete the full course.

What do I need LungActive respiratory health support formula for:

– To cleanse and detox the lungs;
– For recovery after respiratory diseases, bronchitis and pneumonia;
– To prevent possible problems with the respiratory system;
– To remove the decay products of cigarette smoke, dirty air.
– For general strengthening of the immune system.


“My husband has chronic bronchitis. During periods of exacerbations, he constantly suffered and had to seek medical help. After the doctor recommended these vitamins to us, my husband’s health improved markedly. He periodically takes this dietary supplement and this helps to avoid exacerbations. Great product, but LungActive pharmacy price expensive, so we order capsules online.”

“After these pills, I finally began to breathe normally! I recently quit smoking, but after 20 years of smoking, my lungs were in a terrible state. Thanks to these vitamins, I began to breathe freely again and felt much better. Definitely recommend LungActive Philippines order to those who quit smoking and wants to detoxify the body.”

“I live in an environmentally unfriendly area and recently developed a chronic cough. My doctor advised me to take these pills. In just 30 days, they helped me get rid of my cough and return to an active lifestyle.”