Folisin Singapore

Supplement designed for men who want to support the appearance and health of their hair

– support keeping proper testosterone levels
– reduce the intensity of hair loss
– help maintain normal hair pigmentation


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More than 60% of men and women over the age of 25 have problems with baldness or hair loss. Many people perceive this solely as an aesthetic defect, although in fact, hair loss can be a symptom of a more serious medical condition. To make an accurate diagnosis and establish the cause of hair weakening, you must make an appointment with a trichologist or dermatologist. Today we want to bring to your attention a few basic facts to remember:

1. Hair loss during sleep is a problem.

Everyone knows that hair loss is a natural process and we lose it every day. But if you start to notice hairs on the pillow after sleeping, this is already an unpleasant symptom that requires additional attention.

2. You need to change your shampoo.

Many people think that changing scalp care products can help solve the problem. In fact, the main task of any shampoo is to cleanse the hair and scalp from accumulated pollution. Despite all the promises of the manufacturers of these products in a firming effect, no shampoo can help cure baldness. In this case, Folisin hair loss product buy is much more effective, because this complex has a useful effect from the inside and solves the cause of the problem.

3. You need to consume a lot of vitamins to stop baldness.

You this is only half the truth. Vitamins are really needed by the hair roots and scalp to carry out their biological function. But this list of vitamins is too long, and the use of only vitamin C or zinc in uncontrolled quantities can lead to negative consequences.

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If you want to get rid of alopecia, use Folisin food supplement for hair growth. This product has a unique set of beneficial ingredients and a carefully selected combination of vitamins to stimulate the growth of new hair from dormant hair follicles, as well as strengthen existing hair. As the results of clinical studies have shown, it is after the cycle of using this supplement that 95% of men noticeably improve the condition of their hair, slow down the aging process of scalp cells and increase the duration of the hair growth phase.

It is noteworthy that Folisin price in the pharmacy is cheaper than the cost of various shampoos or hair masks. Using this unique product, you can be guaranteed to achieve a good result.

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