Valgomed Malta

Valgomed – The preeminent solution for remedying the valgus deformity

– Prevents calluses and bruises
– Eliminates pain and discomfort when walking
– Can be worn with all types of shoes


Deformity of the big toe (Hallux valgus) is the main problem of 70% of all modern women. The disease occurs quite unexpectedly, has uncomfortable symptoms and prevents you from moving normally or wearing your favorite shoes. There are many reasons that can lead to such a problem: uncomfortable shoes with a narrow toe or high heel, wrong leg position, hereditary predisposition, overweight, flat feet and many others. Because of this, there is a violation of normal blood circulation and the correct position of the tendons and muscles on the big toe. The joint deforms and gradually the finger moves outward or inward. At the same time, the joint of the joints has an inflammatory process and you can observe the lump on the leg.

Valgus deformation has several stages and different treatment methods. In the early stages, this problem can be cured without surgery and without pills. For example, today in many countries the novelty of Valgomed Bunion Splint is sold. With this convenient tool, you can quickly and painlessly cure Hallux valgus and eliminate painful symptoms within a few weeks.

What it is?

Valgomed fixative is the best way of non-surgical treatment of valgus deformity of the big toe. This technique is based on the gradual alignment of the joint due to fixation of the thumb in the correct position. To make it easier for you to understand the principle of the action of this tool, you need to present tooth braces. Everyone knows that dentists set up metal braces for patients, which gradually flatten their teeth and make them perfectly even. This principle also uses Valgomed Hallux valgus treatment.

The silicone retainer is securely and comfortably attached to the foot and gradually straightens the thumb. Gradually, the joint is fixed in the correct position, and the muscles and tendons return to their normal state. With the help of this tool, you can undergo a course of treatment without doctors, without surgery and without the use of tablets.

Beneficial features

Well-known doctors appreciated the effectiveness of using this fixator and recommend Valgomed buy to their patients. Main useful properties:

• Efficiency of at least 97%. These figures confirm the results of Valgomed before and after application of this mount.
• Ease of use. The retainer is made of high-quality silicone, so it fits tightly to the foot and does not cause discomfort.
• Security. The silicone base softly comes into contact with the skin and does not cause irritation or redness. In a few minutes you will cease to feel or notice that you have this mount on your leg. Many patients write good reviews, which confirm its effectiveness and ease of use.
• Treatment at home. The main advantage of this technique is that you can be treated at home, without visiting the hospital and without restriction in movement. The latch has a neutral color, so you can even wear open shoes and it will remain invisible.
• Stable result. Unlike other methods, Valgomed Malta provides a lasting result. You can not just take away the inflammatory process, but also for many years forget about the existence of such a problem.


If you have already ordered Valgomed in pharmacy or on the official seller’s website on the Internet, it only remains to apply it correctly. This is a very simple and easy to use product that does not require special conditions or restrictions.

You need to get hold of the boxes and fixing and remove the protective film. Now you can put the mount on your finger through a special hole. When the latch is already on the finger, you need to press it firmly against the foot to make it comfortable to walk.

First time you need to wear it for no more than 3 hours. On the second day you can increase the duration of use up to 6 hours. After 3-4 days you can walk together with the fastener on your leg up to 10 hours every day. After about 2 weeks, the first improvements and results will be visible.

As they write about Valgomed reviews patients, full-fledged healing comes after 1-2 months of daily use of this device. But even if you completely leveled your finger, it is recommended to wear this attachment for at least 2-3 days a month to prevent the repeated development of valgus deformity or calluses.

The product Valgomed price is lower than for similar drugs to treat this disease. Try this method and you will be able to solve your problem with your feet!

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